35mm Slides, 35mm Negatives, Up to A4 Photographs

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Here at THE VIDEO COPY COMPANY we can transfer your old slides, negatives and photographs for you.

Included in the price, you will get a Gold Archive DVD containing high-resolution JPEGs of your pictures. This will make it very easy for you should you decide to get them printed as photographs, posters, canvases, mugs or indeed any other item at a later date.

On the same disc, you will also get a video slideshow of all your images, with a gentle fade between pics, and a chapter point for each, so you can navigate through them more easily.

During the slideshow, we usually suggest the stills stay on screen for around eight-seconds (including any crossfades). Though it doesn’t sound like a particularly long time, eight-seconds is plenty. If you would like the photos to stay on screen for longer or for less time, just let us know, it’s not a problem.

As extra options, you can have as many copies of the master disc as you like, as well as high- definition Blu-ray versions of your project.

Please note that the maximum size of slide and negatives we support is 35mm.

You can provide your own storage device at no additional cost.

Currently, we can only scan a maximum size of 35mm slides and negatives, and a maximum photograph size of A4, unless we “stitch” the photos together. We scan all slides and negatives at 4K quality, and at 600dpi.

* All our standard definition MP4 files are produced at a rate of at least 10mbs and a maximum of 14mbs (higher than DVD quality), which will get you approximately 1 hour of footage per 6GB of storage space. All our High Definition MP4 files are produced at a bit rate of 25mbs (higher than AVCHD video cameras), which will get you approximately 1 hour of footage per 9 GB of storage space. If you have any different requirements, please contact us.

All DVD transfers are to DVD-R. Please let us know if you require a different DVD format, please contact us.