Photograph Restoration

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At The Video Copy Company, we pride ourselves on keeping up-to-date with the latest advancements in software and technology. That coupled with our artistic nature means that photograph restoration is the perfect service to offer our customers.

Whether your photo is in black and white or colour, simply under-exposed or torn to pieces, we canwork some pretty impressive digital magic to restore your pictures and memories back to how they should be.

The photograph below cost the customer £100 for us to repair, but each restoration is assessed and quoted on an individual basis as sometimes, different types of damage can be more difficult and time-consuming to repair.

A simple way to get an idea of how much your restoration/s may cost would be to take pictures on your phone of the pieces and/or photos (trying not be too far away – we want as much detail and info as possible to begin with) and email them to us at We will then survey the images and get back to you with an estimate. Please bare in mind, we will need the physical photograph to perform the restoration. We can not restore the photo from the emailed images.

Alternatively, you can bring your photographs to us and we can assess them in person with a more accurate quote.

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Photo Restoration 1

Photo Restoration 2

Photo Restoration 3

Our Photo Restoration service generally follows a three-step process.

The first step involves us taking your photograph (or pieces thereof) and scanning them in to our computer at a very high resolution.

During the second step, your photograph is pieced back together like a jigsaw and any marks, stains and folds are cleaned up and removed.

The third and final step means your photo is complete and can be saved to whatever format your desire.

You will be given a digital file of the newly restored photograph in a very high resolution so it can be printed out however you choose, whether it be on a canvas or a mouse mat, and if you wish, we can also provide you with a print out* of the picture too.

It is worth noting that each photo that needs restoring will be assessed and quoted on an individual basis as sometimes, different types of damage can be more difficult to repair. Some damage may be impossible to repair accurately if at all, for example damage across someone’s face.

* Print outs can be a maximum of A4 and will be done on glossy, photo-quality paper using an inkjet printer.