Mrs Lowry & Son

Tonight is the night!

Not many people know this but our sister company, Apple Video Facilities, offers a service called “Production Accountancy“.

Pam, who heads the production accountancy department has recently worked on a new movie called “Mrs Lowry & Son“, which stars Academy Award Winner Vanessa Redgrave and BAFTA Award Winner Timothy Spall, and is directed by Adrian Noble, formerly of The Royal Shakespeare Company…

… And tonight is the Gala Premiere of the film – and where else could it be held? At The Lowry Theatre and Gallery of course, which is located in MediaCityUK, just outside Manchester at Salford Queys.

The event is a complete sell-out, and joining the celebration of this amazing film are the stars themselves, as well as the director, the producers… and the production accountant herself, Pam!

The Video Copy Company Mrs Lowry and Son PromoPam has been working as a production account for feature films for several years now, whilst also doing her other duties at The Video Copy Company and our sister company, Apple Video Facilities.

Though her schedule is very busy, she has worked on a number of projects for the production company Genesius Pictures, who have produced the award-winning feature films “The More You Ignore Me” written by Jo Brand and starring Sheridan Smith, and “Northern Soul” starring Steve Coogan, Antonia Thomas and Lisa Stansfield, as well as “Starfish” starring Joanna Froggat, the award-winning short film “Black Road” starring Michelle Collins, and filmed live productions of “Hamlet” starring Maxine Peake, “The Railway Children” and the musical “Peter Grimes“.

The Video Copy Company Lowry Theatre And Gallery

Pam started working on “Mrs Lowry & Son” in 2016, all the way through the pre-production process, filming on location in and around Manchester, the post-production stages such as editing and special effects, then finally the distribution phase.

When the production was completed, it was important for the film to have a distributor. In this case, “Mrs Lowry & Son” is in the experienced hands of “Vertigo Releasing“, who have produced and distributed over 100 movies since 2004, such as “Football Factory” (which was their first movie), Michael Moore’s “Fahrenheit 11/9“, the recent “Child’s Play” and “Death Wish” remakes, as well as my own personal favourite, “Tucker and Dale vs. Evil“.

With a production budget of £1.6 million, this can be a tremendous amount of work for a production accountant, who must keep track of every item bought and sold, everybody’s wages – from the top stars to the people working behind the lens, and all the way through to gaining distributors who will make sure this work of motion picture art can be seen all over the world. Once the movie has finished it’s theatrical run, a production accountant’s work does not stop there as potentially, it will always be generating revenue with DVD and Blu-ray sales, TV and digital distribution deals.

Tonight’s event at The Lowry Gallery and Theatre will be attended by Vanessa Redgrave, Timothy Spall and other stars of the movie, the writer, Martyn Hesford, the director, Adrien Noble, many members of the production crew, including the producer, Debbie Grey and our very own Pamela Holt, as well as stars Jo Brand and Joe Lycett, and various other stars of the arts world.

After the screening Timothy Spall and director Adrien Nobel will be holding an “In Conversation” session, in person at The Lowry theatre.

The film is being shown concurrantly in cinemas across the country tonight prior to its formal theatrical release on Friday. To find your local showtimes, click here…