Our First Blog Post!

Well, here we are. Joining the world of blogging and hoping that we’re doing it right, so here is our very first blog post!

Given that this is our first ever blog post, forgive us if we aren’t doing it completely right or as expected, and I’m pretty sure that one day in the future – if we manage to keep up the aim of posting at least 1000 words every month – that these entries will eventually have some kind of narrative structure.

At the moment, the aim of this page is to keep the world at large up to date with the comings and goings of The Video Copy Company, be it with information about the things we do, interesting facts about anything to do with video and related subjects, or even things that might amuse and interest us on a personal level.

I think, to begin, it would important to stress what we do here at The Video Copy Company.

Essentially, we are a service provider. We provide what we feel is a pretty important service to our customers, in that our main focus is transferring old video tapes to some kind of digital format, enabling these old memories to be watched and relived again.

One of the main problems our customers face is having lots of important family occasions stored on old video tapes; whether that be VHS, camcorder cassettes (like VHSc, Video 8mm, Hi8, Digital8 or MiniDV), or even Betamax.

The Video Copy Company Betamax Pic

When these precious memories are on such media, often the players that used to sit underneath the TV set in the living room, or the camcorders that were used to record these occasions, are no longer functioning or even in the house!

And that’s where we come in!

We have a massive collection of video players in all shapes and sizes, which we regularly service to make sure they are still in tip-top condition. After all, a lot of companies aren’t making this equipment anymore.

Using these video players, we can set these precious memories free by transferring them to DVD or even to a digital file like MP4 on a USB pen or external hard drive.

In the past, we have had customers bring in rafts of old video tapes, some of which they didn’t know if they had anything on or not. When we transferred them all to DVDs, they soon realised they had some pretty special moments captured on film – including the first few days of a new baby’s life, or even a relative who is no longer with us but was joking and dancing around at a wedding.

Having such happy times held hostage by old video formats is never a nice thing, but to have the means to free them, so that family members can get together and enjoy them once more is priceless. And we have been providing that service for many, many years now.

So that’s it for our first blog post. And if you’re reading it, hopefully it has given you some idea of the kinds of things we do here – maybe even encouraged you to get in touch with us so we can help you remember some days gone by 🙂

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